Seek Medical Attention Immediately

  • If your symptoms include blood clots or red, brown, pink or orange coloration in urine
  • If you see blood in urine—even only once.


  • What coloration was the blood in urine?
  • What were the size and shape of the blood clots?
  • Was the blood throughout the entire stream of urination?
  • If it were painful to urinate where was the pain located?
  • Were there other symptoms such as frequent urination or pain, fever or chills?

Call a Doctor

Usually blood in urine isn’t serious, however, some cases it might be.

  • Have blood drawn to check for kidney disease
  • Check for kidney or bladder stones, enlarged prostate, a tumor or blockage to urine flow with kidney imaging
  • Have the inside of the bladder checked with a cystoscopic examination to check for a tumor or bladder stone
  • Have a urinalysis to check for a urinary tract infection or kidney disease
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