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Making it easy for providers! Making necessary tools available.
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Explore a suite of robust features designed to streamline your training business and enhance your online presence.
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Our flat-rate pricing means no additional cost per lead. Whether you receive 30 or a thousand leads, your monthly payment remains constant.
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View each location as its own profile, complete with specific location details, a biography, and media for your gallery. Include operational hours, and training class information. Add as many locations as needed.
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Enable trainees to discover your location through the classes you offer. You can add numerous classes; however, please note that we impose a per-class fee to prevent spam on our website.
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CPR Near Me® is trusted by the general public and trainees, thanks to our longstanding industry presence. By listing your locations on our website, you gain SEO benefits, increased exposure, and a direct link to your site, as well as being a recognized training provider by being on our website.
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Tracking your analytics is crucial for any business. Monitor web, phone, email, and social media clicks, and the number of leads per location by date.
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CPR Near Me® Badge
Enhance your website's visibility and accessibility by embedding the CPRNM badge. Positioned strategically near your listing details, the badge acts as a guide for those seeking certified training from recognized providers. Learn more
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Expand your reach and attract more students by advertising with us. Leveraging our platform allows you to connect with a broader audience interested in acquiring life-saving skills, thereby increasing your training enrollment. Learn more about advertising.
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