Seek Medical Attention Immediately

  • If the animal bite is more than superficial, if the animal was a stray or wild animal, seek medical attention no matter the severity (if possible ask owner if the animal’s rabies shots are up-to-date; this information you’ll need to provide to your healthcare provider).
  • If the animal is wild or stray call animal control or your local health department as soon as possible.


  1. Stop Bleeding

  • Apply pressure directly on wound until bleeding stops
  1. Clean/Protect

Animal wounds and superficial scratches:

  • Clean wound gently with soap and warm water. After cleaning, rinse for several minutes.
  • Reduce risk of infections by applying antibiotic cream and cover with sterilized bandages.

Call a Doctor

  • The wound may need to be thoroughly cleaned and you may need antibiotic prescriptions.
  • If you require stitches; depending on the location and size of the wound.
  • You may require a tetanus shot or booster
  • If you’re at risk of rabies; you may need anti-rabies treatment.
  • To make sure there isn’t deeper damage.

Call 911

  • If there are serious wounds
  • Bleeding severely
  • Blood spurting out from wound
  • Excess of bleeding after 10 minutes
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