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Acquiring CPR and First-Aid Certification is an important milestone for many health professionals. With this certification, you have the skills and knowledge to handle a variety of emergency situations to save lives and improve health care. Whether it’s in your workplace or community, gaining CPR skills can be helpful in different instances.

As such, at CPR Near Me, we understand the need for professional and accredited training in CPR and first aid. For that reason, we have made it possible and feasible for you to get your certification from the comfort of your home or at various locations near you.

Online CPR Training

Our CPR classes online are flexible and straightforward. We take pride in offering varied nationally recognized online courses including Standard CPR / AED, Standard First-Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, Healthcare CPR / AED, CPR / AED / First-Aid, and Basic Life Support (BLS).

The best part is that you can have unlimited exam attempts at no cost. This means if you fail, you can simply start the exam again. We will only charge for issuing you with the certification after completing and passing your exam. Also, our courses are available 24 hours a day, giving you the flexibility you want to earn your CPR and first aid certification.

After passing your exam and making a purchase, you’ll get your print certification and wallet card instantly in your email inbox or at the confirmation page. Also, you’ll receive your card after two to five business day, and we will ship it for free.

Our online courses are valid for two years. So, when your certificate expires, you can simply visit again to take renew courses.

Local – Hands-On CPR Training

For some people, physical training can be all they need to make most of their CPR and first aid training. Using our search feature, you can simply use your location, for example, Los Angeles, CA, to find CPR and BLS certification classes near you. We use the power of location technology to provide accurate profiles of training providers in your area.

Why Choose CPR Near Me?

Whether you need to get your CPR and first aid Certification through Red Cross or American Heart Association, CRPNearMe has made that possible for you. Our simple yet efficient system makes it easy for students to connect with training providers and get online CPR certification and first aid certification.

Our costs are friendly, so that’s the least of your concerns when getting certification from us. Plus, there are no hidden costs. We aim to make everything convenient and easy for you, so you can focus on what’s important. Every year, we help thousands of professionals just like you to get CPR certified.

CPRNearMe offers a simple system for help you get your CPR, AED, first aid and BLS Certification. Over 120 million people in the US need training on these courses. We play the role of connecting these students with the right training providers. In the long run, students can leverage their skills to save lives during critical situations.

If you’re looking for CPR certification, you can simply start now by searching for trainers near you and registering for our online CPR courses, which you can complete at you own convenience.

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