What is the purpose of CPRNearMe?

The purpose of CPRNearMe is to provide users with the closest most relevant life training providers near them.

Why should I join CPRNearMe?

If you’re a provider the benefit of joining CPRNearMe is a very beneficial opportunity. Not only will you gain endless advertising and site growth you’ll also be provided with a steady stream of clients. Not only is it beneficial, it’s free.

How can I join CPRNearMe?

Follow this link to our Sign up page and register through email or social. Sign up today in less than 1 minute. After signing up you will have the opportunity to make a listing. We use a verification system process that’s used to properly decipher if the listing is the actual owners. The reason we use this system is to protect the listing from competitors, scammers and the like. We’ll never put your listing in jeopardizing with your business.

How can I “Claim This Listing”?

After clicking the “Claim This Listing” link you will be prompted to provide basic details of your contact information. Due to large volumes of requests, this may take some time, however, we’ll be in contact in the order the requests were received.

How can I edit my listing?

To edit your listing, please go to your “Portal” page and click “Edit Listing”. You can edit about your business, business hours, courses provided, social networks and you can even add a picture.

Which type of training are you searching for?

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