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August 1, 2016

Ten Signs You Need to Find a New Job

Some people are resistant to changes because they don’t want to venture beyond the usual comfort zone. People don’t like it if they don’t know what’s going to happen. Changes can be unsettling, especially if they are atypical. Changes require adaptation and flexibility. Unfortunately, many people simply can’t see the big picture and they become stuck with their job.

New Job Indicators

In real life, it’s unlikely that we will have a perfect job. We often spend much of our waking hours at our job. We want our job to provide us with some amount of satisfaction, although this may not always be possible. There are indicators that tell us we need a new job. Here are some of them:

In it for Money

  1. We are in it for the money: If we are working only for money, it could be equal to self-imposed slavery. We need the paycheck and we feel miserable when working. Many people argue that’s the way our society works and it does work because everyone needs money. Unless we can have a great living from our salary, we should ask ourselves whether it is something that we want to do.


  1. We are embarrassed with our job: Many people are embarrassed when others ask them about what they do. It is also a sign that we are dissatisfied with our job. We should find another job that we are proud of. This will allow us to use our talents more productively.

Underpaid for Work

  1. We feel underpaid, overworked and unappreciated: Many people feel underpaid and overworked. They believe that they are being taken granted. This will result in drudgery and eventually bad attitude. If we experience this, then it’s time to have a change.

No Job Growth

  1. There’s almost no room for advancement: It is a bad sign if we see that we can’t advance further in the company. It is probably a smaller family-owned company and all the top positions are taken by family members. If it is a standard company, it may have stagnated and lacks dynamism. If we stay in the company, we are going nowhere.

No More Excitement

  1. There’s no more excitement: Many people no longer excited to work in their company. The problem could be so bad that they don’t believe in their products and services. We shouldn’t be devoid of passion for things we do.

Wasting Talent

  1. We are wasting our talent: If we work in a wrong company, our talents are going to waste. As an example, if we have a real gift in spotting aptitude on a person, we shouldn’t work in sales; we should be in human resources.

Learning Plateau

  1. There’s nothing to learn: In a wrong company, we don’t learn anything. This could happen if we do the same thing each day. Good companies allow us to learn new skills by assigning us to challenging tasks.

Dissatisfaction with Work

  1. We have no admiration for others. Dissatisfied employees often don’t have admiration for those around them. In short, they believe that others in the company have reached a level of incompetence. It would be quite hard to work for people we don’t respect.

Bored with Work

  1. We become apathetic: We may feel apathetic even if we have surpassed some goals. As an example, sales are growing and the company is expanding; but we are bored or indifferent by these achievements.

We Don’t Fit In

  1. We don’t fit in: Sometimes we feel like an outsider. If it happens to us, it is possible that we don’t really fit in. Our interest could lie elsewhere. If we feel that our job doesn’t fit us properly; then it is a good idea to find a new one. The ill-fitting job could become a source of dissatisfaction and we should look for something that can make us feel more passionate.
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