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September 24, 2019

The 10 best CPR & First Aid YouTube Videos:


How Does CPR Actually Work?
Knowledge is power.  Knowing the function and history behind CPR can help to fully visualize the purpose of this life saving maneuver.  This video is truly comprehensive when it comes to CPR from the history, to the function to the administration.  It even covers the administration to infants and adults including variations of hands-free or when certain steps go differently than textbook.  Audio instruction coincides with helpful animation in this chock-full of information video.  Notably, this video demonstrates CPR variations with facts and functions in a way that informs without distracting.  The information comes fast and fierce without sacrificing accuracy of information, techniques, or tips.  This video is easy to watch and re-watch as needed.  Viewing multiple times may be needed to grasp it all, but it is a pleasure to watch especially when given that repeated CPR lessons is encouraged for maximum retention and to keep skills fresh.

Hands Only CPR Video
Hands only CPR is one is the newest developments in this life saving practice.  This video wastes no time jumping right into the initial discovery of a cardiac arrest victim and beginning hands only CPR.  Watching the video makes it seems just that simple to step up and save a life.  The accurately animated scenario includes a musical example to reach the appropriate musical tempo to administer compressions at the proper rate.  Covering this aspect is something many other videos only talk about or don’t cover at all.  Additionally, it helpfully displays correct hand placement and interlocking technique, crucial considering it is a hands only lesson.  Most notably, the video describes the use of when hands only CPR is appropriate and when it isn’t such as for teens and adults only.  Overall, it is a short and simple instruction with positive encouragement to step in and conduct hands only CPR.

Using an AED by American Red Cross
Many videos out there covering CPR focus mainly on compressions and rescue breaths.  Naturally, that is the fundamental point of CPR, but it isn’t everything.  Where an automated external defibrillator (AED) is considered, this video is the best depiction of its use.  It shows an accurate use of an AED with a real one, not an animation.  The action of gathering it, preparing it and the patient, and using it is displayed.  Included are the prompts, sounds, and possible actions an AED can take, in conjunction with appropriate action of the rescuer as well.  An added bonus is the demo for use of an AED on children and infants.  Use of an AED on anyone other than an adult is seldom covered, further bolstering the position of this video as the best.   Just when it seems the AED’s use is complete in the video; they enhance it once again with a 2-responder demo.

CPR For Infants
Conducting CPR on an infant is one of the more intimidating scenarios to imagine.  Equally intimidating is the need for proper response without causing further harm to such a small person.  Included in this video is a demonstration of infant CPR with a life-like dummy.  This demo jumps right into explanation with practical delivery that does not allow room for apprehension.  Videography zooms in and out for proper vantage points to depict key points of infant CPR administration best.  Text directions on screen enhance the lesson of infant CPR making it easy to follow and understand.  With the video being short, sweet, and to the point, it can easily be viewed multiple times to help enhance its effect on your preparedness.

Emergency Vet Instructs: Learn To Perform CPR On A Dog In 5 Minutes
Did you know CPR is much the same process and pattern for humans as it is for animals such as dogs and cats?  When you think about it, it makes sense that even our pets can fall victim to a near drowning or have heart problems necessitating CPR.  It’s hard to imagine how to give CPR to an animal, but it can be necessary and it can be done.  Take the guess work out of what your pet may need watching this veterinarian’s video.  While short, the video covers highly valuable information to perform CPR to any size dog.   Particularly notable is the different location for compressions in various breeds.  Watch and learn as this expert conducts a full demonstration and explanation of processes and procedures for pet CPR.  Don’t wait for Fido to be in need.  Watch this video and be better prepared to save your furry friends.


How To Help A Choking Child Or Adult
Choking can be a common medical ailment and occur anywhere.  Choking knows no bounds as to its victims either.  Luckily, this video covers various types of choking victims, symptoms and various ways to intervene.  Especially helpful is the special attention given to uncommonly thought of victims such as yourself, obese people, or a pregnant woman.  Also covered are some common mistakes complete with visuals to help dispel unhelpful actions.  Proper techniques are delivered accompanied by appropriate animations or models.  Information is further supported with sound reasoning explaining briefly why the right move is the best move and how the wrong move can impact the victim.  Beyond the video itself, timestamps to certain subject matters covered and even a text guide is included in the description box.

10 First Aid Mistakes
Learning from mistakes is a common theme to life, which this video capitalizes on in order to sustain it by redirecting common first aid mistakes.  The first aid mistakes covered are what many of us would probably just do as a default reaction when faced with these situations, which would do more harm than good to the person in need.  In fact, the video explains the harm from mistakes and compares them to the benefit of the correct response.  Complete with helpful animations throughout of course.  Topics covered are: nose bleeds, fainting, sprain/fractures, removing debris from a wound, burn treatment, choking, seizures, heart attack, and bleeding.  This educated approach to making the right moves for these first aid needs is easy to follow and simple to retain.  Even better, the timestamps for each topic are in the description box for quick reference.

How To Build A Home First Aid Kit
Delivered by a trained medic, this video offers a thorough sequence of first aid recommendations to have on hand at home.  Beginning with tools for trauma, the suggestions start off heavy with items probably seen as a little advanced for the typical home.  However, the explanations of practicality will make you want to be prepared for it all anyway.  The video progresses to the more familiar first aid items toward the end.  Each item suggested is accompanied by valuable input on the when, why and how surrounding the need for the first aid device.  A brilliant balance of detail is given for each product without losing the audience along the way.  Some products may be impractical or unnecessary, so as the host suggests, assess the dangers and activities at home and comprise your kit with what is practical for you.

What To Carry In A MTB First Aid Kit
Even if you’re not a mountain biker, this video offers valuable first aid kit guidance for any outdoor sport or activity.  Mountain biking smashes and crashes open the video offering a logical buy-in for viewers who either have experienced similar unfortunate circumstances, or can easily see themselves in such a predicament.  Footage of outdoor activities helps visualize inherent risks requiring use of first aid mixed in with the discussion of suggested products.  When generalized to getting hurt on a trail, it is easy to see the relevance this video has to other outdoor trail sports or activities including cycling, hiking, rock climbing and more.  Specific to biking though, this video contains a few tips to use some bike equipment for first aid products if needed.  The first aid kit content suggestions covers items tailored to short or long excursions with practical packing suggestions.

First Aid 101: How To Treat A Cut
YouTube is full of videos related to cuts and their treatment.  This video stands out for the fact that the information is delivered by a knowledgeable physician and covers a variety of wounds and their appropriate treatments.  The doctor walks through an easy to follow explanation of common cuts and wounds experienced at home and their treatment.  The imagery depicts a hospital setting with hospital equipment and gear to treat wounds, while his explanation keeps things simple making it relatable to home or work injuries.  Beyond wound description and first aid treatment it goes into ongoing care for wounds such as changing a dressing, when to seek additional medical help, and recognizing signs of infection.  As long as the hospital setup doesn’t intimidate you, the information will prove beneficial to the next wound you encounter.

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