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July 5, 2017

Every single day, the unexpected happens. An elderly man has a stroke and can’t take care of himself afterwards. A mugger attacks a random citizen and leaves his victim unable to respond. Hurricanes and earthquakes leave us stranded by ourselves. In situations like these it always helps to have somebody around who knows how to handle medical peril. Fortunately, you can receive all the medical emergency training anytime and anywhere thanks to online training programs, you don’t need to worry about whether or not you will be ready if an accident happens. If you already have CPR certification, online CPR renewal is quick and easy.

How Many People Receive Emergency Medical Response Training?

Currently, there are nearly 250,000 emergency medical responders working in the United States. Emergency medical response training is something that most people take for granted. We often think that emergency medical training is reserved only for paramedics who respond to severe cases, but emergency medical training is absolutely important to a variety of professions, including scuba divers and HAZMAT cleanup crews. Even ordinary citizens find themselves receiving emergency medical training.

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250,000 medical responders work in the United States

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30% of all Americans 
have CPR training.

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Unfortunately, only 32%
of cardiac arrest victims get
CPR from a bystander.

How Common Are Accidents?

Accidents happen quite often as we go about our daily business. The most frequent types of accidents are falls, crashes, and poisonings. Combined, these account for nearly 140,000 untimely deaths every year. While that statistic is impressive, it only reveals what happens in the absolute worst cases out there. For every one person who actually dies as the result of an accident, there are far more accidents which do not result in the death of the victim. Every week, nearly 10,000 calls are made to emergency medical services. Over the course of a year, that will result in 520,000 emergency medical visits.

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Unintentional injuries are
4th most common
cause of death

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Trauma is the leading
cause of death for people

Under 40

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Trauma victims who receive
CPR are
3 times
as likely to survive

What Can Go Wrong With Accidents?

According to the Center For Disease Control, accidents are the 4th most common cause of death in America. Accidents tend to happen to people as they come of age. Although young people tend to have healthy lives in general, they are the most likely to suffer accidents and the most likely to actually die as a result of an accident. Young people, especially men, are prone to risky behavior, and this often leads to injuries, overdoses, and other serious dangers to their health. In fact, 40% of all men who die between the ages of 15-34 die from unintentional injuries.

Even when accidents do not result in death, they have a strong tendency to cause many permanent issues for those who suffer from them. Many victims of unintentional injuries find themselves unable to walk, talk, or even perform basic functions such as chewing for themselves. Fortunately, with online training programs you are always prepared.

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80% of traumatic cardiac
arrests are caused by
blunt injury

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The survival rate for traumatic
cardiac arrest is a

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It takes emergency medical
responders up to
8 minutes
to respond to an accident call.

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What Difference Can Medical
Emergency Skills Make?

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Where Can I Keep Up With
These Emergency Medical
Responder Skills?

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How Do I Make Sure My CPR
Certification Is Up To Date?

What Difference Can Medical Emergency Skills Make?

The lives of those who fall victim to accidents are often saved by those who happen to know CPR. Let’s take the example of a car crash. If somebody has just experienced a car crash, it’s common for unconsciousness and even more serious complications, such as lack of breathing, to arise. Medical professionals can try to reach the scene of the accident as soon as possible, but they are unlikely to reach the patient in time to save their life. Under these circumstances, you’ll absolutely need to have the ability to help the patient by yourself. If you have the ability to perform CPR, you can make a world of difference for that person and potentially keep them alive.

When you decide that you’re going to learn important medical emergency skills, you aren’t simply giving yourself something to brag about. The certification you receive will make a massive difference in the lives of the people around you. For example, it’s known that CPR can nearly double the survival rate for victims of cardiac arrest. Clearly, the popular image of the emergency responder hero is a valid one. With that sort of potential to save lives, there is no reason you shouldn’t learn CPR today. Far too many people fail to learn these important skills and that end result is often lethal.

Where Can I Keep Up With These Emergency Medical Responder Skills?

The most important thing you can do when you receive your CPR training is to remember that this is a skill that must be honed and kept sharp throughout your life. You can’t simply receive your CPR certificate one time and consider yourself well trained years down the road. In order to make sure you’ll be able to perform CPR when the time comes, you will need to renew your CPR certificate.

The best thing about renewing your CPR certificate is that you can do it online. Online CPR renewal is an easy process and is often done in a short matter of time. You won’t need to take expensive courses that take years to finish. You can receive all the training you need from the comfort of your home. Considering the fact that the average paramedic takes at least 8 minutes to respond to a call, you’ll want to know everything you can to alleviate the issue.

How Do I Make Sure My CPR Certification Is Up To Date?

The best way to make sure your CPR skills are as sharp as they were when you first received your certificate, you’re going to need to train every year to keep them fresh. The risks from poor CPR technique are too high to avoid retraining. However, combined with other techniques such as defibrillators, the effectiveness of CPR is remarkably high and survival rates can increase by 40%. This sounds like a time consuming process, but it simply doesn’t have to be. You can choose online CPR certificate renewal in order to have things go at a much faster pace and without intruding on your busy schedule. CPR is one of the most useful skills you can have, but you need to be ready to use it when necessary.


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