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July 27, 2016

Enduring a stiff neck is something you will go through at one point or another. However, when this neck pain becomes intermittent and does not seem to completely go away, you may have to consult a chiropractor to remedy it. In some instances, though, neck pain is brought about due to daily activities, which can easily be changed to alleviate this condition. Here are some handy tips to avoiding neck pain.

Avoid heavy baggage in your daily routine

A common mistake people make is carrying heavy items without evenly distributing the weight. Individuals who regularly have burdensome luggage tend to carry the weight on their dominant side. This may seem easier as your dominant hand would be stronger but all you are doing is straining the muscles in that area. The first thing you should do is ensure you are only logging the essentials you need. If this does not lessen the weight of your carry-on, opt for something that will distribute the weight evenly on your body such as a rucksack. Take note to avoid wearing the backpack on one arm as this will beat the purpose of alleviating your neck pain.

Inappropriate use of handsets and cell phones

For individuals that work in an environment that require them to be on the phone numerous times a day, a common mistake is opting to cradle their phone between their shoulder and ear to keep their hands free. This leads to neck cramps, as your neck is not accustomed to being in that position. If you cannot avoid speaking on the phone for hours on end, you would be better off investing in a hand’s free earpiece. You could also opt to put your calls on loudspeaker if you are in an environment conducive to this.

Avoid the wrong posture while working on your computer

Ideally, when you work at a computer for long hours, you need to ensure that the monitor is at eye level. When working on your computer, your gaze should fall right in the middle of the screen. Unfortunately, some individuals will find that their gaze falls lower meaning when they work their head is typically bent forward over their shoulders. This will result in incessant neck pain, as you will be straining the soft tissue in your neck. Remedy this by elevating your monitor. You can do this by placing it atop a pile of books. In addition, ensure you take multiple breaks away from the computer screen to enable you to stretch your neck muscles and your entire spine.

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