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April 9, 2019

How can I find BLS certification near me?

Completing a BLS certification course is a must for healthcare providers and public officials, but it can be beneficial for other people too. If you don’t currently work in the healthcare sector or as a public official, finding BLS classes near me can still provide you with a valuable insight into emergency medical procedures.

Basic Life Support certification can be the difference between life and death and it can provide you with the skills you need to be able to save a person’s life. Designed for qualified or trained personnel, BSL training near me will cover valuable skills, such as CPR, rescue breathing and the use of bag valve masks.

Will BLS certification near me teach CPR?

Most BLS courses do teach CPR, although you should always check the program contents and schedule before you sign up for any classes. Generally, BLS classes will include elements from CPR courses, such as guidance on how CPR should be performed by one person. However, BLS courses tend to contain more content than straightforward CPR courses.

A CPR course may focus on how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on adults, young people and infants, as well as how to respond to choking and how to administer first aid. However, BLS courses should incorporate these skills and provide additional instruction.

During a BLS course, for example, students will also learn how CPR is performed by two people, what medical equipment can be used to provide basic life support in an out-of-hospital setting, how to check a person’s pulse and how to administer rescue breathing to an individual who has a pulse.

Who can take a BLS class near me?

BLS certification classes are designed for personnel who may need to administer basic life support techniques as part of their job role. Healthcare professionals, for example, may routinely provide medical assistance and should be fully trained in BLS and other medical techniques.

Whilst ER-based professionals will, of course, be fully trained in BLS techniques, healthcare personnel who do not typically work in an emergency environment can also benefit from being fully up-to-date with current BLS techniques. Doctors, nurses and pediatricians should all update their BLS certification at regular intervals, for example.

People working in the public sector may be called upon to provide emergency medical assistance in some situations too, so they can also benefit from undertaking BLS training. Police officers, firefighters, school nurses and public safety professionals routinely complete BLS certification as part of their professional development.

As basic life support is typically provided in a non-hospital setting, any medical professionals who work ‘on-the-road’ should also undertake regular BLS certification classes. EMTs, paramedics and first responders may need to administer basic life support until additional resources and medical equipment can be used, for example, so BLS training is vital for people working in these roles.

Why should I enroll on a BLS course near me?

Depending on the type of job you’re currently in, having an up-to-date BLS certification may be required. In fact, you may be unable to continue working in your current role if you fail to keep your certification updated. Due to this, it’s essential that you undertake the appropriate BLS certification courses and that you renew your training whenever it’s necessary to do so.

If you aren’t currently working in a role which requires you to undertake BLS training, voluntarily enrolling in a BLS class could stand you in good stead if you want to develop a healthcare career. As well as teaching you valuable skills which will help you throughout your medical career, your willingness to undertake training in your own time and your commitment to learning life-saving life support techniques will help you stand out in the eyes of future employers.

Ultimately, BLS training can help you to provide the vital medical care an individual needs. When faced with an emergency medical situation, being able to provide the medical support and assistance the patient needs is one of the most rewarding roles there is.

What will BLS training near me teach?

When you enrol in a BLS course and obtain certification, you’ll cover a number of modules. BLS courses typically cover CPR techniques to a professional standard, so you’ll learn how to perform CPR as part of a team and when CPR should be combined with AED, or automated external defibrillators. However, BLS courses offer much more than emergency CPR training.

As well as learning this vital, life-saving skill, you’ll learn how and when to use an AED, and when it’s most likely to be successful. Similarly, students will be given first aid training which can be applied in numerous situations. Whether you’re faced with a patient with relatively minor injuries or an individual who has sustained serious or life-threatening harm, such as internal injuries, broken bones, head injuries and/or burns, you’ll learn how to provide the urgent assistance they require.

In addition to this, BLS students will learn about:

  • Heart functions
  • Ingestion of toxic materials
  • Effective wound care
  • Bleeding or hemorrhages
  • Hypoglycemia and diabetes complications
  • Choking in adults, children and babies
  • Seizures
  • Strokes and transient ischemic attacks (TIAs)
  • Shocks
  • Pathogens and how to prevent their transmission

As well as learning about crucial medical techniques, BLS courses also cover the legalities of providing emergency medical care. Whilst a qualified physician may be permitted to provide emergency medical treatment in any setting, unqualified individuals may be hesitant to step in and provide interim care because of the legal consequences. BLS courses will provide essential information regarding the Good Samaritan law and when it’s appropriate for non-healthcare professionals to provide medical assistance.

What type of classes in BLS near me are there?

Due to the demand for BLS training, courses are held in a variety of locations across the US. With hundreds of reputable training providers, you should find it easy to locate BLS classes near you. However, finding a BLS training course in the right location, on the right days and at the right time can be tricky. If you’re already working in a healthcare setting, for example, you may be required to work various different shifts and this could make it difficult to commit to a weekly class at a set time.

To make it easier to obtain your BLS certification, why not take BLS classes online? With a user-friendly interface and flexible learning opportunities, you can complete AHA and ECC compliant modules from any location. Learn at a time that suits you with BLS online courses and ensure that you get the valuable information you need in the most effective way possible.

Providing you’ve got access to a reliable internet connection, online BLS courses can be completed at home, at work or when you’re out and about. Using a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone, you can obtain or renew your BLS certification quickly and efficiently.

How is my BLS certification tested?

Once you’ve completed the 13-course modules, you’ll have the opportunity to take the BLS certification test. This can also be taken online, so you can sit the exam at a remote location and at a time that suits you. Alternatively, you’ll be able to complete the mandatory exam at your local training center.

Usually comprised of a 10 question multiple-choice quiz, students will need to get at least 7 questions correct in order to pass. However, BLS students are permitted to attempt the exam more than once, if they need to do so.

Once you’ve successfully completed a BLS course, your certification should be valid for a period of two years. To ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest medical techniques and that you’ve retained the skills you learnt originally, students are required to renew their BLS certification every two years.

Fortunately, online BLS classes and local BLS training providers make it easy for you to undertake BLS courses whenever you need to. To find out more about BLS courses and basic life support training, why not search for a BLS provider now?

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