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Empowering Hands, One Beat at a Time: Join Our Mission to Save Lives. Together, We're Not Just Learning - We're Lifesavers in Action!
Our mission
Saving Lives Made Simple.
Making life-saving skills training accessible to all.
At CPR Near Me®, or CPRNM our mission is to support the life-saving skills training industry by creating a pivotal bridge between trainees and training providers. We aim to serve a broad spectrum of participants, including the general community, first responders, and healthcare professionals, by offering a versatile range of training methods — from hands-on and cognitive sessions to skills assessments — across physical training centers, online platforms, and mobile applications.
Acknowledging the intricate challenges within the training sector, we have established a centralized hub designed to streamline the process, allowing training providers to showcase their offerings and enabling trainees to seamlessly locate and enroll in the training that best fits their unique needs.
Driven by a profound belief in the paramount importance of life-saving skills, CPR Near Me® is dedicated to enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of training programs. Our commitment extends beyond meeting workplace requirements; we aim to address the global necessity for such education, aspiring to empower over four billion adults with the knowledge and skills to save lives. Our ultimate goal is to foster a safer, more resilient society where life-saving skills are within reach for everyone, everywhere.
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