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July 28, 2016

Creating Healthy Boundaries for Healthier & Happier Relationships

Healthy personal boundaries (HPB) are the foundation of a great relationship with self and others.  Many people don’t know constitutes HPB.  HPB consist of being able to speak one’s truth. Also by choosing whom we allow within the three feet of space that encircles us, our right to be treated with dignity and respect, our right to say “NO”, and our duty to respect the boundaries of others. HPB enable a person to feel confident and secure.  Good self-esteem improves the relationship we have with others because the more we like ourselves and appreciate our own great talents and abilities the more we will focus on the great qualities and talents of others.  Letting friends family, and partners know how much you appreciate them and their great qualities can only strengthen these relationships.

Personal Boundaries for Healthy Functioning Relationships

HPB are necessary for both partners in a relationship to function as a team rather than putting the burden on one of the mates as happens in co-dependent relationships.  Healthy personal boundaries also enable both partners to focus on what’s right instead of who’s right. Having HPB means that we take responsibility for the things we say, do, and feel and that we expect others to do the same.  Healthy boundaries are formed during early childhood and children who have experienced trauma and abuse tend to have a hard time later in life with establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries.  Parents need to help their children establish healthy boundaries that are flexible by avoiding being over-controlling.  Good parenting allows the child to make mistakes and also encourages the child to be creative and take risks.

Good Mental Health for Enforcing Personal Boundaries

Good mental health is a necessary foundation for enforcing one’s own healthy personal boundaries and respecting the healthy boundaries of others.  By successfully treating one’s depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc… & resolving past trauma a person is better equipped to analyze information and situations more clearly and calmly in order to make sound decisions that benefit the individual and others.  If your partner is suffering from depression be supportive and encourage them to seek help in the form of medication and therapy.  It’s also important to maintain your boundaries with your depressed partner in order to provide structure and hold them accountable for making good decisions for themselves and the relationship.

Serious Mental Health Illnesses

One in seventeen Americans has a serious mental illness and nearly one in two people will suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, etc.  According to the National Alliance On Mental illness (NAMI), untreated mental illness costs $100 billion a year in lost productivity.  90 percent of suicides in the United States can be attributed to mental illness. By caring for your mental health you can have healthy boundaries, enjoy great relationships, and have a happy and fulfilling life.


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