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August 31, 2016

Benefits of Hypno-birthing

An increasing number of soon-to-be parents are becoming aware of a technique called hypno-birthing, which is intended to make the birthing experience more relaxing and less stressful. To those who are unfamiliar with it, the term might invoke images of an old man in glasses swinging a pendulum to place the mother in a state of hypnosis. However, it is much less strange than the name implies. Rather, it is the practice of deep breathing techniques to help the mother be more in control of her body’s responses to the birthing process.

Giving Birth

Giving birth can be an uncertain and frightening experience, especially for first-time parents, this creates a subconscious stress response that can cause the mother to tense up and experience more pain. Hypno-birthing techniques place the mother in a more relaxed mindset that enables her to release that tension, in turn reducing discomfort and fearful responses.

Besides pain and stress reduction, there are numerous additional benefits at all stages of the birthing process for everyone involved – not just mom and the baby.

Before Labor

In the months leading up to the birth, parents learn how to de-stress through many of life’s trying times. They experience better sleep and a deeper bond with each other. A strong bond is also formed with the baby through their active role in birth preparation before the child even arrives. Additionally, parents develop a higher mind-body awareness once they understand how their thoughts impact their emotional and physical health.

During Labor

Because stress and pain are reduced, there is a much smaller chance that the mother will need any medication to get her through the experience. The possibility of tearing is also greatly reduced through a simple massage technique taught during hypno-birthing classes. Both parents have an easier time staying calm and in control of their personal fears and high-intensity emotions. Fathers and birthing companions are better able to help the mother keep her focus on staying relaxed. It has also been reported that hypno-birthing helps shorten labor times, which means a calmer and more relaxed baby.

After Labor

Instead of being exhausted, hypno-birthing mothers are in much higher spirits and more energized, so they have an easier time enjoying their first meeting with the new child. Reports frequently state that babies sleep and eat better since the birthing experience was less traumatic for them. The mother is also far less likely to experience postpartum depression in the weeks and months immediately following the birth.

Future Benefits

After birth is long over, parents practicing hypno-birthing will be better able to keep their emotions in control whenever stress arises in the coming years, whether it is related to raising the child or not. The self-hypnosis and meditation that is taught in class will carry lifelong benefits even if the parents never have another child.

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