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CPR Training and Certification in Las Vegas, NV

CPR Certification in Las Vegas, NV

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" is a popular slogan for the Nevada desert destination known for its glittering casinos, unique hotel options, and nonstop entertainment. However, having a heart attack in the city of 24-hour excitement should not mean you never get to leave alive. That being said, there is a definite need for Las Vegas CPR certification training through CPRNearMe.

Consider this case in point: four years ago, John Alleman, a regular customer for the Heart Attack Grill, an infamous Las Vegas diner known for its cholesterol-heavy menu and waitresses outfitted in nurse uniforms, died of an apparent heart attack.

He was the second unofficial spokesperson to die in the latest in a string of related situations. In February 2012, a man was rushed to the hospital with an apparent heart problem after scarfing down a 6,000-plus calorie Triple Bypass Burger. A couple of months later, a woman had yet another cardiac incident while reportedly eating a Double Bypass Burger.

What is not clear from the news reports is whether anyone other than the paramedics attempted local CPR on any of these victims, it is safe to assume that given proper training of its employees (and the elimination of such unhealthy items from the menu) these tragedies could have been prevented.

American Heart Association CPR and more

If you are looking for Las Vegas CPR certification training, you have many different options of classes from which to choose. Three of the top ones are as follows:

1. The American Red Cross

The organization meets all OSHA guidelines as well as many other professional and regulatory standards. You can opt for self-study courses which are available online, or you can register for the classroom.The Red Cross can also train your employees or customers in our regularly-scheduled community classes or can send instructors to teach classes at your job site. They can also train your staff to become instructors.

2. Las Vegas CPR Training

Classes are offered seven days a week. You have the choice of a full-length course, taught at your location or at their office (3-4 hours in length) or a blended course, where students study the program online using course presentations, videos and training manual eBook and the instructor holds a 1-hour hands-on practice session at your location or at their training center. They recommend this option for re-certification.

3. Prism CPR Training Center

An authorized training center of the American Heart Association, their Heartsaver CPR/AED Course is a classroom course that teaches basic CPR and AED skills. This includes administrating CPR to an adult or child using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), using a barrier device, and relieving airway obstruction. It is geared toward all lay rescuers, especially those individuals who respond to workplace emergencies.

Why CPR classes are important in Las Vegas

A 2012 report from the UNLV Center for Democratic Culture lists Nevada as ranked 47th in overall health among all states in the U.S.; the worst rank since the ranking system began in 1990. They state that the rank is calculated by how far each state is from the national average of a number of different measures of death rates, the likelihood of diseases, risks related to behavioral issues, policies in place for public health, clinic availability, and overall environmental and economic conditions.

"Nevada has always been among the bottom ten states, and usually among the bottom five," the report states. It says Nevada’s status at the bottom can be largely explained by the state’s low high school graduation rate, low level of public health funding, high violent crime and unemployment rates, and low rates of childhood immunization and health insurance coverage (no mention of the aforementioned Heart Attack Grill).

The bottom line is, if you live in Las Vegas or are planning a visit, it is a good idea to be up to date on your CPR certification training. You never know if you may be a patron at one of the many establishments serving up a well-portioned dish of excitement that could end up provoking a coronary event.

CPR Near Me

CPRNearMe’s mission is to provide people with the means to find life-saving training providers near them. According to the American Heart Association, the leading contributor to death in the United States is heart disease, with more than 375,000 people dying each year. One out of seven of those deaths is caused by heart disease, with an average of only 32 percent of people in those cases providing CPR to victims. Their mission is to help save lives by connecting people to quality lifesaving training providers nearest to them. You can also, certify online with us.

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