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Houston CPR Certification Classes

CPR is a lifesaving procedure performed when someone's breathing or heartbeat has stopped, often caused by heart attacks, drowning or electric shocks. When someone is not breathing, time is very important, and a person has a better chance of surviving if a bystander starts CPR before the emergency services arrive.

However, despite this well-known fact, many people will not perform CPR because they either don't know how to or their training has lapsed. Considering more cardiac arrests occur outside of hospitals than in them, getting an accredited Houston CPR certification could mean the difference between life and death.

The fourth most populated city in the U.S., Houston has beautiful surroundings, a vibrant economy and a population of just over 2.2 million people. Its strengths in international trade, business, culture, sport, medicine and entertainment have made it a popular international destination. External factors in everyday life, such as heavy physical activity, meteorologic variables, alcohol, stress and air pollutants are said to trigger cardiac arrests.

Alarmingly, according to Forbes, working long hours and traffic congestion have caused Houston to become the 11th most stressed-out city in America. With this knowledge at hand, getting an online CPR certification or recertification from CPR Near Me in Houston could be vital.

Why take a CPR class in Houston, TX?

Around 900 Americans die each day because of sudden cardiac arrest, despite the fact death from cardiac arrest is not a certainty. Put simply, if there were more people trained in CPR, more deaths could be prevented. If a bystander does not provide CPR immediately, the victim’s chances of survival decrease 7% to 10% every minute that resuscitation is delayed. Very few attempts at resuscitation end in survival if CPR is not provided within the first few minutes, and brain death crisis is likely if no action is taken at all after 5 minutes. Anyone can learn CPR, and because cardiac arrests occur when you least expect it, you could help prevent an unnecessary death at any time.

AHA CPR Certification

According to the AHA, 88% of cardiac arrests happen within the home. This means that if you are called upon to give CPR, you could be trying to save the life of your loved one: a child, partner, parent, friend or spouse. Sadly, fewer than 8% of people who suffer a cardiac arrest away from a hospital survive, and only 32% of victims get CPR from a bystander. You could help improve these statistics by taking an online CPR class in Houston today.

Local CPR classes teach invaluable skills in Houston

Over 120 million people in America need lifesaving CPR training. The local, inexpensive CPR courses found on the CPR Near Me site will provide you with the skills to successfully administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation without hesitation. In addition to learning how to administer CPR, you’ll learn whether or not you should after checking if the person is conscious or unconscious.

The CPR administration process has to be modified for young children, newborns and adults. Learning these different techniques will be central to your certification. CPR guidelines have changed over the years, which is why CPR classes will ensure your training is up to date. The American Heart Association follows the acronym of CAB — compressions, airway, breathing. This process will help you remember the order to perform the steps of CPR, as well as teach you how to administer compressions and rescue breaths.

Remember, CPR won’t restart a heart during a cardiac arrest, but it will keep the person’s blood flowing until the emergency services arrive.

Selecting a provider with CPR Near Me in Houston

You can browse popular CPR, BLS and first aid providers in Houston, Texas with CPR Near Me. Dedicated to helping those in need of CPR training find inexpensive providers near them, our listing service is simple and easy to use.

Simply enter your Houston zip code or address, and we’ll show you the closest providers to your home. Using location technology, you can also browse providers based on ratings and feedback. Our providers include the American Heart Association and the Red Cross.

Approximately 375,000 people die every year in the United States from heart disease. At CPR Near Me, our mission is to provide CPR certification training country-wide and help prevent even more deaths from cardiac arrests.

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