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Not many people know how to revive someone not breathing or suffering a heart attack. They wonder if they could perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR in a time of need. The truth is that most people freeze if they encounter such needs. They call 911 for help, afraid of making a bad situation worse. Here, we will list the steps of CPR for those who have not got CPR certification in Columbus.

CPR training classes in Columbus

CPR Near Me has the honor of training people in CPR. Simply go to the website and choose the location nearest you. Click on the website. You will see a page describing the school. On the left side, you will see the navigation bar. Click on classes. You will read that the class is on certain days and times, the cost, and the type of certification. Pay for it and then attend the classes.

You will do two weeks in an accredited school’s class, taught by board-certified doctors, licensed nurses and Ph.D.s. You will do classes as well as labs. If you’re going for a degree in nursing, then these classes will mirror NURC 101. The credits transfer. The facility will help towards state exams. Without further ado, here is what you’ll learn in CPR Near Me classes.

The Immediate Surroundings

It’s a good idea to attend CPR classes. However, doing something, even if you don’t know quite how, could be the difference between life and death. Therefore, before you begin CPR, quickly scan the surroundings. Make sure the surroundings are safe for the person. Lay the person on a hard surface such as a sidewalk, pool deck, table or a floor.

Ascertain if the person is conscious or unconscious. If unconscious, shake the person’s shoulder and loudly ask if the person is alright. Call 911 before you begin CPR.

Before Beginning CPR in Columbus

CPR classes in Columbus will teach you to tilt the person’s head back so that the chin is elevated. This opens up the airway. To judge whether the person is choking, run a finger into the back of the mouth and into the throat. If something is lodged there, pull it out. Check to see if the person is breathing. Short violent intakes of breath is not proper breathing.

The Right Way to do Compressions

Kneel beside the person. Keep your arms locked in place, shoulders above the hands. Place the heels of the hands one above the other on the person’s chest between the nipples. Push using your upper body strength. Looking at the chest, it should be compressing about two inches each time you push. Push 100 times in a minute. Continue until paramedics arrive.

This is About You

If you’ve never taken an inexpensive CPR class or you don’t have CPR recertification, you can still be of use. Don’t breathe into the person’s mouth. Just do compressions as described above. If you’ve had a CPR course, but it’s been a while, then do compressions until paramedics arrive.


If you have attended a CPR class in Columbus OH or have access to CPR Near Me, then you will know CAB stands for compression, airway, and breathing. After 30 compressions, tilt the person’s head back, lifting the chin to open the airway. Pinch the nose shut, take a breath, and breathe into the person’s mouth for one second.

If the chest lifts, take another breath and breathe into the person’s mouth. Check for breathing. You should feel breath on your cheek and ear. Do not breathe into the person’s mouth vigorously. Don’t give more than two breaths. If the chest doesn’t rise, and if the person is still not breathing, then resume compressions to restore blood circulation.

CPR on Children

CPR Columbus teaches that the routine is the same for children as for adults, but with some difference. Call 911 immediately. In the meantime, press just the same, but breathe more gently into the child’s mouth. For a child, 15 compressions and two breaths are one cycle. Continue until rescue personnel arrive.

CPR for Babies

Local CPR classes teach that babies stop breathing due to choking or drowning. Call 911 immediately. Don’t shake the baby, but rub and speak to him or her. If the baby doesn’t respond, place him or her on their back on a firm surface such as a table or the floor with head tilted back. Using two fingers, place them just beneath the nipples.

Compress the chest gently 30 times. Check the throat for foreign objects. After 30 compressions, place your mouth over the baby’s nose and mouth. Gently puff into the baby’s nose and mouth. If the chest rises, puff again. Resume compressions and breathing until paramedics arrive.

Ohio’s capital draws tourists and residents alike. The art and food scene, as well as attractions, draw millions each year. Basic first aid and CPR classes are essential to keeping your family and other people safe and healthy. Even if an emergency never arises, it’s comforting to own the knowledge.

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